GAP600 adds support for Bitcoin SV

GAP600, a global pioneer in cryptocurrency payment transaction enablement, today announced that the service will also support Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (SV).

GAP600 facilitates instant, risk-mitigated cryptocurrency commerce by enabling exchanges and payment processors to recognize unconfirmed Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and now, Bitcoin SV transactions as final. The company’s proprietary risk engine analyzes and performs live risk scoring for each transaction as it reaches the mempool, which enables the company to guarantee cryptocurrency payments before they reach the blockchain, providing an instant customer experience for crypto deposits and payments.

The Bitcoin SV approach is focused on leaving the protocol and consensus layer unchanged and in line with Bitcoin version 0.1. “This ensures a stable protocol, while all protocol development focuses on massive scalability,” explains Daniel Lipshitz, GAP600 founder and CEO.

Lipshitz explains that Bitcoin SV’s approach is to function as a means of exchange and as a public blockchain. This includes enabling features on the blockchain that will facilitate use cases across data storage and smart contracts, while entrepreneurs and enterprises will build on top of the stable protocol as applications to meet market demands.

“By providing a stable and massively scalable protocol that enables blockchain features, Bitcoin SV offers a fresh approach, despite it essentially being the oldest designed protocol in the crypto space,” continues Lipshitz. Add to this the fact that the Bitcoin SV ecosystem is robust and well supported and Lipshitz believes that Bitcoin SV has a great chance at mass adoption.

And because GAP600 is passionate about the potential of cryptocurrencies to deliver on its promise of economic freedom, the company will continue to support the entire community, without favor or bias, until free-market dynamics determine the eventual winner.

“As such, future developments at GAP600 will focus on broadening our services to clients by adding support for a pipeline of additional cryptocurrencies. This will enable clients to accept instant crypto deposits to deliver an enhanced customer experience to their clients,” concludes Lipshitz.

Daniel Lipshitz

Daniel Lipshitz

CEO GAP600 Ltd

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