CoinsPaid enables instant, risk-mitigated crypto transactions with GAP600

GAP600 has made further inroads into the online crypto gaming sector following the solution’s successful integration into the CoinsPaid cryptocurrency payment gateway processing platform.

 The company boasts vast experience in the sector as the development team created the first provably-fair Bitcoin casino and the first security-audited crypto exchange.

CoinsPaid provides customers with a range of services via its reliable and scalable electronic platform, including instant and secure crypto payment and deposit transaction processing, a personal wallet to store, track, transfer and manage cryptocurrency or fiat cash, and an on-the-fly business-to-business (B2B) exchange service that can convert cryptocurrencies into fiat and offers a fixed rate hedging service.

In addition, CoinsPaid also offers a B2B transaction tool for merchants and businesses that permits companies to accept crypto payments in exchange for their goods and services via their websites and mobile applications using various account types. The company processed 130 million euros in cryptocurrency transactions last year.

Our well-established value proposition includes an open API that ensures quick and easy integration for all operations, stable cryptocurrency integration, a white label back-office configuration that offers fully functional management capabilities, and 24/7 business and tech support,” explains Max Krupyshev, CEO of CoinsPaid.

CoinsPaid enables businesses to accept borderless crypto payments

To further enhance the solution’s functionality and deliver a competitive advantage, CoinsPaid sought to integrate a solution that could streamline and expedite cryptocurrency secure transactions on the platform.

“Our clients expect the best functionality from us, and we have to be at the forefront of transaction speed and risk mitigation, as these are the fundamental attributes required to increase crypto payment adoption and use. As such, implementing 0-conf payment capabilities was important,” elaborates Krupyshev.

In this regard, Krupyshev explains that he first heard about GAP600 from a partner while working at a cryptocurrency payment platform. “We included the company in an extensive market review to determine which solution offered the best instant transaction confirmation capabilities. Following the process, we felt that GAP600 offered the ideal solution.”

GAP600 facilitates instant, risk-mitigated cryptocurrency commerce by enabling exchanges to recognize unconfirmed Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV transactions as final using a proprietary risk engine, which analyzes and performs live risk scoring for each transaction as it reaches the mempool.

These features also align with CoinsPaid’s enhanced due diligence approach. CoinsPaid applies a special software tool across its solutions to conduct stringent KYC procedures and a risk-based approach to CDD that verify user identities to mitigate fraud, money laundering and other activities linked to criminality and terrorism.

According to Krupyshev, the integration went smoothly and the significant testing performed on the service affirmed that the GAP600 solution met CoinsPaid’s exacting needs and specifications.

“Since implementing the solution, our clients have enjoyed the instant, secure payment experience, which has helped CoinsPaid to secure and further develop our position in the cryptocurrency payment processing market.”

CoinsPaid’s adoption of our solution serves to strengthen our position in the market and affirms the

value of our offering,” comments GAP600 founder and CEO, Daniel Lipshitz.

We’re delighted to broaden our reach into the online gaming sector following our new partnership with CoinsPaid, and are confident that their customers will relish the enhanced user experience and peace of mind that comes with instant, risk-mitigated cryptocurrency transactions.”

Daniel Lipshitz

Daniel Lipshitz

CEO GAP600 Ltd

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