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“Since integrating GAP600 over 85% of our payments and user deposits complete instantly, without waiting for slow confirmation, in turn saving our users valuable time”

Mr. Data , Lead Developer  Coinpayments

“ShapeShift is about speed and convenience, and accepting Bitcoin with zero-confirms is immensely helpful. GAP has done the best job we’ve found in enabling that and removing the risk.”

Erik Voorhees, CEO Shapeshift

“Coinify has experienced great value from GAP600 by enabling us to enhance the user experience of payments with bitcoin – 0 confirmation trx acceptance is a necessity and GAP600 provides a quality solution.”

Lasse Birk Olesen, CPO

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Key Benefits

Risk & Fraud

 Transactions confirmed by GAP600 real-time risk engine  are guaranteed enabling instant  deposits & payments

Payment CX

Provide a customer experience (CX) which is instant, no waiting for deposits & payments to confirm


Successfully cleared more than 7 million of Bitcoin transactions totalling more than 3 billion in USD market value

integrates with all platforms

Simple API intergration. Exisiting transaction flow & private key control systems remain unchanged 

Our solution & platform

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